Friday, 7 March 2014

Learning from My Mistakes.

The two things this blog is mostly about are writing and running - add reading and I suppose that's my hobbies about covered, unless you count watching good things like scary ghosty films (got to be ghosty, not murdery, slashy, boobs-out-for-no-good-reason ones - see my husbands blog - Kult Kvlture for examples of the aforementioned).   But the thing is, and this was where I was going before I got distracted by my preferred genre of horror, I am an expert on neither.  You are witnesses, albeit by my own accounts, of my learning curves - steep and painful in both cases - in actuality and psychologically.

So, I was thinking, I should use the public forum for the good of mankind, instead of for getting random crap off my chest, and list the horrible things I have done to myself and have learned in order to pave a smoother path for would-be-writers (like me) and newbe runners.

I'll start with a running one.

Oooo, this is a belter - feeling it as I'm thinking about it. When I was first giving the old running a go, shifting my plump little body around the countryside at lightening speed (lightening is really slow isn't it?) I didn't think it was necessary for me to bother with formalities like cooling down. Cooling down was for proper runners.  WRONG.  Oh man, was I wrong. So I got back from a wee turn around the block (about three miles - pretty much my limit in those days - well, you carry 36Es around with you and see how far you get - two sports bras! I used to have to wear two!! Not a problem anymore - see Kult Kvlture for a man compensating for his wife running her boobs off - oops).  Any hoo - got back, wheeched (ye olde Scottish word for removed vigorously) off my jacket and strolled out to the clothes line in my tee shirt to take the washing in before it froze to the line, this being a crisp and even winter's day.  About an hour later, the back of my neck began to hurt - a couple of hours later is was really quite sore so I managed to get a doctor's appointment (still no clue what I'd done) and was lucky enough to get a doctor who practised what he preached and kept fit.  He pointed out the error of may ways, stressed the importance of cooling down and how MUCH more important it was than warming up (you see to this day warming up makes sense to me - cooling down not so but I have never shirked on it since).  He gave me the most humongous tablets I have ever seen and I headed off home. Before those tablets kicked in, I was in the worst pain ever - 9/10 if 10/10 is child birth.  I was curled up on my bed crying, actually crying, before I fell asleep.  The next day it wasn't so sore because of the pills but if I wanted to communicate with someone, I had to physically lift my chin up with my hand and point my head in the right direction - I had pulled a whole heap of muscles in my neck.

 Note neck here - not legs. Just because it feels like your legs are doing all the work, they aren't.  Run with your hands brushing your hips and held as is you are carrying an egg.  As you get tired you will notice your shoulders hunching and arms coming up, drop them and relax your shoulders and hands because otherwise if you are running a decent distance at all, you'll get a really stiff neck and remember, REMEMBER - always  roll out your neck as part of your cool down, just five rolls each side is fine.

And there endeth today's lesson on things not to do :)

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