Tuesday, 22 April 2014

An Update on Bugger All.

So that's Two All - All for One - my book - being uploaded AGAIN - no point in putting a link to it as it won't be on sale now for about 24 hours - I'll do one when it is on its next free promo.  The wonderful Lee Burton of  Ocean's Edge Editing gave it a good old clean up.  Any future bits of writing will be going straight to Lee - poor sod!  

Other than that what's happening......bugger all really. Still pulling my hair out trying to get my sequel plot sorted out.  I keep thinking I'm there and then decide it's stupid and starting over.  I love my prologue bit but now I fear it may have to be modified for the whole to make sense - so do forgive me if that piece undergoes a bit of heavy duty messing around with when I do FINALLY get there.  Haven't even decided on a title yet, I still feel a million miles away from that stage.  It'll come, probably in a blinding flash as I'm crossing the road and I'll get squished mid-eureka moment.

Oh well, sorry to be so boring.  I'll try to do something really stupid in the near future to regale you with.

See you,
Big Dxx

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