Thursday, 22 May 2014


On Tuesday a very nice woman, new to the village, went to walk her dog on the Traigh Mhor (see picture..... of the beach not of Alice and her Labradoodle!) which is one of the three fine beaches we boast here in Tolsta.

It was about 8:30am when she pulled up in her car - which was difficult enough because of the way camper vans had been parked. Next thing these.....*twitch twitch*.....people alighted from their mobile living-room and told her that locals shouldn't be allowed on the beach before 9am.


My outrage was outraged when Alice told me this. These "road warriors" had parked up in the car park for free, doubtless having stocked up at Tesco - they certainly didn't buy anything in the village shop 'cause I was behind the counter all Monday and Tuesday - they had access to the toilets, bins and water, to reiterate, for free and they think, they think LOCALS SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED ON THE BEACH BEFORE 9AM!!!!

I was SO mad - still am when I think about it.  It's only a shame they left that morning or they might have found out exactly how noisy it could get down at the Traigh - and at a lot freaking earlier than 8:30am.

The Traigh Mhor - ours for walking on whenever the hell we want, with or without our dogs, cats, sheep, pipe bands, drum kits and whilst singing, dancing and/or shouting if we so wish. DEAL WITH IT.

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