Saturday, 24 May 2014

..............I dunno!!!

Okay, news in brief re my 10k - it was great but....I don't know what my time was.  IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!! This woman passed me when the finish line was in sight (nearly) and I went mental, hit the gas-pedal and sprinted over the finish, leaving the poor unfortunate blone (Lewis word for woman) in my wake.  The thing was, I was going so fast I didn't register what the time was on the clock - I was there and then passed it - flipsakes, although I reckon somewhere aroundish the speed of light, although according to my so called "sports watch" I was going at 15.5k...hurrrmph. I feel a stern letter to the manufacturer is required because I was obvs going AT LEAST  299 792 458 m /s, tsk.

I'l fill you in later when I know - I'm quite excited because I think I have kicked my own arse - as it were but I don't want to say in case I haven't???? 

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