Monday, 5 May 2014

Some Serious Slacking Off

It is Mr Unbound and I's 25th wedding anniversary today - obviously I was stolen from the crib (hahahaa - NOT).  So I have done nothing - NOTHING - for DAYS as we went away for the weekend to a lovely place called The Lodge on Loch Lomond - it was utterly fabulous.  We even had a sauna in our bedroom! Plus, a wee balcony that looked straight out over the loch. There was a spa attached to the hotel too, just across the carpark.  This is why we chose it; we wanted to do something we hadn't done before.  I did suggest jumping out of an aeroplane but it was not considered an acceptable suggestion by Mr U.

The facilities available in the spa were a pool, a jacuzzi, a steam room, a sauna (yes, another one) and a laconium (not sure I've spelt that right), so various ways to get soaked to the skin and roasting hot.  It was lovely, I do like swimming and as we got the place to our selves when we went over. The only trouble was neither of us are very good at sitting still, at least not without a book, so we would do about five minutes in one of the various hot rooms then get twitchy and move to the next, then back again to one of the ones we'd already been in. I could imagine the attendant shaking his heat thinking: amateurs/hicks from the sticks.

We did much eating and consuming of beverages.  The White Russian I had is definitely my taste buds new favourite thing.  I had to try it, as a Big Labowski fan - for those brief moments that I held it in my hand I was  The Dude, Dudeski, En Dudereeno (phonetics there),

No writing was achieved - I will be knuckling under from now on, I swear!  In the meantime, here's us loving life :)

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