Friday, 16 May 2014

What I Got Last Weekend (and it's not what it sounds like).

I was sorely tempted to entitle this post: "Last Weekend I Got a Shag" but that really sounded much too crude, and we all know how sensitive I am regarding vulgarities. It would have been accurate however, but as hinted at in the actual title, not the to-much-information moment it suggests .  Let me explain....

It was a choir get together. As previously mentioned, I joined Coisir Sgire a'Bhac at the end of last year...that's Back Gaelic Choir....that's a large choral group who perform in the native language of the Highlands and Islands (mostly Islands these days) of Scotland who all come from around the village of Back on the Isle of Lewis.... that's the Hebridean Island I live on, just across the water from God's own country, the Western Highlands of Scotland....that's a geographical....oh, stuff it...this is what google's for.

It was a lot of fun. There was us and members of the other choirs from around Lewis, namely Lochs Choir, Carloway Choir and Tong Choir.  We ate, drank, sang, played some daft games and had a competition. That's when I got a shag.

Question: What is the alternate name for the Common Cormorant?

I couldn't believe my ears! What were the chances? My sisters had oft chanted the following within my hearing (it possibly annoyed me or something): The Common Cormorant or Shag, lays it's eggs in a paper bag.

I very nearly blew it by shouting out the answer! I had to confine myself to a silent lap of honour with my top pulled over my head while genuflecting vigorously. I must say though, I'm glad there wasn't a follow-up question regarding where they lay their eggs  because I seriously doubt the voracity of their preferred nesting spot being in a paper bag, as suggested in the ditty. I mean, I'm no ornithologist but it strikes that the Common Cormorant or Shag - if you will - would possibly be a trifle less common were it normal to utilise such a flimsy receptacle for incubating its eggs.  I'm also very lucky that I cleared a little misunderstanding up with my sisters a long time ago, that being that it wasn't "The Common Cormorant, Orshag, lays etc etc" but was in fact "The Common Cormorant or Shag, lays etc etc"   Hmm, how the hours of our childhood must have flown by?!

I'm doing the 5k Isle of Lewis Woman's Cancer Challenge tomorrow - with any luck my bad leg won't make an arse of me - wish me luck :)

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