Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Good Day To Die

I'm a wee, old woman (to clarify for those not personally acquainted with my good-self : 4'10, 8 and a half stone, 47 and three-quarters) so, why do I do these things?!  EVERYTHING HURTS!!!

[ "everything" is massive over-playing of the situation, yep, I'm a drama-queen - and I would have said: egg-zad-you're-ation, but I'm having a senior moment and can't even start to figure out how you spell it - normally I'd shout at my husband to tell me, but he's mellowing out to Metallica right now, and it would be harsh to disturb him (he and our lovely daughter, Ciorstaidh, are off to see them at Sonisphere in a couple of weeks btw.)]

 So, as I was saying, the following hurts: Achilles tendon, neck, finger tips and right elbow (think it's the right. Left and right.... I've never really figured out which is which or why it's important anyway when you can say things like "the one nearest the window") so, my elbow nearest the window hurts......... glad that's cleared things up. Why? OCHT!....need you ask...
..................................... come on, it was only a 14k run (14.78k) and one small (big), flower bed........ Achilles tendon is from the run, the rest is that innocuous-seeming flower bed.  I thought: I'll weed this bugger, get the "rose bed" done ( inverted commas are because I don't have a rose bed as gardeners in any other part of the country would understand it - I have a bed with stumpy, jabby things in it that produce the most fabulous blooms (tops two) in about OCTOBER?! - but they are perfect, and I mean PERFECT - too weird...); and the bed of a mad mixture of things (inc. an apple tree, many aqualegia, a very odd primula, and a blue low-growing triffid???),  behind the house.  Nope, Bed One nearly killed me, seriously.  It has been damp and warm here and the weeds are taking the pi.....micky.  Sooooo knackkkkkkered.

So, that's the news in brief - apart from getting the whole first section of my sequel plotted yesterday - oh, yes, I so did !!! see picture :)
Don't look too closely - SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!! and don't be put off by the large blank section - it's the bones at the beginning that matters.

Tune: Green Day " Jesus of Suburbia"

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