Wednesday, 11 June 2014


The thing is....I've got my gardening mojo back - which is great for the garden....not so good for the writing.  It's not that I'm not, more that.... okay, I'm lying, I'm not, not really properly. The thing is the weather is really nice just now and I hardly touched the old flower beds last year as I was too busy waiting to become a famous writer and assuming the next book was just waiting to happen, getting frustrated as hell when it didn't etc etc.

So, I'm just going to go with the flow.  I'll write when I feel like it, garden when I feel like it, lie around reading when I feel like it and blog when I feel like it.  I will not continue to beat myself up for not doing any of the above when I should be (well, can't say I ever stopped reading, apart from when I couldn't concentrate for staring at the punctuation and trying to figure it out).

To Sam, if you still read this, and anyone else out there who enjoyed Two All - sorry I haven't provided a sequel sooner.  I thought I would have by now too, but considering how long Two All was buzzing about in the back of my head before I actually sat down to write it, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  It's there though, almost complete in my head. I just need my writing mojo back - it'll come. Heck, I'll need to save up for the proofreaders anyway!!

Speak to you soon.  Will try to be a tad more amusing next time.
Big Dxx


  1. Hello, I do indeed still read this. I do it via rss so don't often comment and sometimes lag behind a bit!

  2. Don't stress the sequel - I look forward to it eventually arriving, and no doubt it will benefit from all the extra festering, erm I mean stewing, erm I mean careful plotting...

  3. Meanwhile if you could let me know the location of the gardening mojo shop, that would be handy. Somebody turned out garden up to eleven, and I can't keep up...

  4. Ha!! Thanks for your patience! "Turned your garden up to eleven" - I like it.