Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Magnificent Seven

Very serious Sunday dinner discussion, given current world 

events, was or wasn't Lee Van Cleef one of the original 

Magnificent Seven.  No he wasn't - so I was wrong - grrrr.

He was in the follow ups, but I don't think I've even watched 

them. Fecking smart-Alec movie buff husband.  Right, I'm off

to read my book "Doctor Sleep" - Stephen King's sequel to

 "The Shining" - it is brilliant.

Then I'll probably listen to Rise Against's new CD "Black 

Market" also brilliant (and I'm going to see them in Glasgow 

in November.)

"People Live Here" Rise Against - Black Market

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Words of Wisdom from Stephen King

My husband suggested ages ago that I should read Stephen Kings's book "On Writing" and I would have but I forgot.  Whilst lying along the couch the other night watching Biffy Clyro live at T in the Park, and a little bored at that point, I glanced up at one of our overloaded book shelves and spotted it among the other S. King tomes teetering there, in danger of falling and crushing whoever was recumbent on the couch should even so much as a feather alight on the topmost.  So, I've been reading it.  Actually, I've spent all afternoon reading it and now my brain is hurting but it's very good and I am feeling creatively invigorated. I fear, however, if the giant of a writer himself were to stumble upon this post, he would already be slapping a palm against his face and drawing it slowly down; I really don't think by natural verbosity would appeal at all.

Stephen King in the book decries the use of plotting.  Good.  I'm sick of it, although I'm not sure I can NOT plot because I'm a bit of a list-writer when it comes to anything: bath-time, okay - where's my note book - sponge - check, soap - check, dry towel and/or towels get the picture.  However, as I am hating the plotting thing although feel I need it I am going to try again without *grinds teeth, sweats*.  Reading a lot seems to another biggy for him - fair enough, I've got that one in the bag. Now I've got over not being able to read because I just kept staring at the punctuation, I seem to be making up for lost time and yes, I've always been that person at the bus stop or in the doctors who wrestles a book out of their bag and settles down to ignore attempts at small talk from those around her (headphones are good for that too, even if the ipod isn't switched on - hehehe - urgg...shouldn't have said that!).  What we definitely agree on - and I'm sure he would sleep easier knowing it - is something I've said on this blog before - you learn a hell of a lot reading bad stuff, maybe more than you do from the good stuff - so that 99p you downloaded utter horse manure for was not a waste.

But here's two things I actually wrote down, both of which made a lot of sense to me and I'll quote them.  The first was said to Stephen King by his first editor at a newspaper he worked at:

"When you write a story, you are telling yourself the story.  When you re-write, your main job is taking out the things that are not the story."

The other one is from himself when he was talking about the need to write everyday, to not lapse, as I have, and wait for the muse to come a calling, or inspiration or urges to drive you to the pen:

"Sometimes you have to go on when you don't feel like it, and sometimes you're doing good work when it feels like all you're managing to do is shovel shit from a sitting position."

So, yes, as of tomorrow, I'm going to get on with it.  He suggests a daily word count of one thousand to begin with and that you do not leave your sanctuary until you reach it.  The sanctuary bit might be difficult.  I had set one up in the porch but it's too bright, too hot and the distractions are unlimited (cats chasing flies, hoodie crows menacing cats, weeds growing, cars passing, people on bikes, flowers....I'm easily distracted), so I will need to find another, maybe in the barn with the door shut or the hens will get in - no, second thoughts, too many spiders; I'd be running down the garden screaming like a big girls blouse every thirty seconds.....hmm, I think I may have to draw up a list of possible sanctuaries with a pros and cons column, utilising different coloured pens, of course, oh and with a grading system.................

Yours, Big Dxx

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Creeps

The creeps, the heebie-jeebies whatever you call them, we all get the at sometime or another.  I was bad as a kid, probably everyone is, but I still get them even now, from time to time.  

I remember one house I stayed in, a modern building that had absolutely NOT been built on an ancient burial site, and any time I did the hoovering upstairs I was convinced something was creeping up behind me.  So I'd keeping turning off the hoover and peering over my shoulder - nothing. "Hoover ghosts" - I called them Hoover Ghosts - weird thing - never felt them anywhere else.  And it WAS ghosts - by which I mean it was undead entities (or odd vibrations/shadows/something to do with the kind of floorboards), not axe murderers.  Axe murderers aren't anywhere near as scary as ghosts.  Axe murderers you can shove down the stairs or run away from, or get to the kitchen knife block before or - worse case scenario - grass-off to the cops from beyond the grave - but ghosts: tha sibh fucked, a'ghraidh (Scottish Gaelic - google if you really feel you need to :))

Why do I mention this, on this loveliest of summer's evenings? Well, youngest and I just watched "Paranormal Activity" and he said it wasn't scary!  Only film to ever give me nightmares and he said it "wasn't scary".........flipping Philistine. 

I have watched MANY horror and ghosty films and read MANY MANY horror/ghosty books and ....oh no wait.......the black and white "Whistle and I'll Come My Lad" MR James - that got me too. Anyway, the upshot is I reckon we all have different things that effect us depending on our own sensiblilties - one man's scary ghosty sheet is another man's laundry going awry :) - I do happen to know he's scared of spiders....and I have a spider-catcher...........heheheheheheh :)

TUNE!!! has to be Green Day and Basket Case 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Condom Nation

" NO! the word is 'condemnation'...con-dem-nation' - not 'Condom Nation'.  We aren't discussing some - I don't know - extreme anti-Cathoic-ethos state, possibly based in Lewis.  I am referring to how I am disapproving of your under-use of the great outdoors...............ffs!!" 

That was tonight discussion with the youngest during dinner/tea (I had sgadan agus buntata - herring and potatoes - those heathens - my sons - had normal fish and chips).

He is now upstairs defining the following because he "claimed" not to understand them: 

IMPREGNATE (don't, really  don't ask..........Oh, and it had nothing to do with the previous word.  Totally different discussion).

My task was to figure out how you spell them all - 3/5 - oh yes, thank you spell check - homework done and done :) - heheheheehehe :)

I'm going to see Rise Against in November with my pal Trish so the tune for this even-tide has to be an RG classic:
love and good wishes,
Big Dxx