Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Condom Nation

" NO! the word is 'condemnation'...con-dem-nation' - not 'Condom Nation'.  We aren't discussing some - I don't know - extreme anti-Cathoic-ethos state, possibly based in Lewis.  I am referring to how I am disapproving of your under-use of the great outdoors...............ffs!!" 

That was tonight discussion with the youngest during dinner/tea (I had sgadan agus buntata - herring and potatoes - those heathens - my sons - had normal fish and chips).

He is now upstairs defining the following because he "claimed" not to understand them: 

IMPREGNATE (don't, really  don't ask..........Oh, and it had nothing to do with the previous word.  Totally different discussion).

My task was to figure out how you spell them all - 3/5 - oh yes, thank you spell check - homework done and done :) - heheheheehehe :)

I'm going to see Rise Against in November with my pal Trish so the tune for this even-tide has to be an RG classic:
love and good wishes,
Big Dxx

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