Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Creeps

The creeps, the heebie-jeebies whatever you call them, we all get the at sometime or another.  I was bad as a kid, probably everyone is, but I still get them even now, from time to time.  

I remember one house I stayed in, a modern building that had absolutely NOT been built on an ancient burial site, and any time I did the hoovering upstairs I was convinced something was creeping up behind me.  So I'd keeping turning off the hoover and peering over my shoulder - nothing. "Hoover ghosts" - I called them Hoover Ghosts - weird thing - never felt them anywhere else.  And it WAS ghosts - by which I mean it was undead entities (or odd vibrations/shadows/something to do with the kind of floorboards), not axe murderers.  Axe murderers aren't anywhere near as scary as ghosts.  Axe murderers you can shove down the stairs or run away from, or get to the kitchen knife block before or - worse case scenario - grass-off to the cops from beyond the grave - but ghosts: tha sibh fucked, a'ghraidh (Scottish Gaelic - google if you really feel you need to :))

Why do I mention this, on this loveliest of summer's evenings? Well, youngest and I just watched "Paranormal Activity" and he said it wasn't scary!  Only film to ever give me nightmares and he said it "wasn't scary".........flipping Philistine. 

I have watched MANY horror and ghosty films and read MANY MANY horror/ghosty books and ....oh no wait.......the black and white "Whistle and I'll Come My Lad" MR James - that got me too. Anyway, the upshot is I reckon we all have different things that effect us depending on our own sensiblilties - one man's scary ghosty sheet is another man's laundry going awry :) - I do happen to know he's scared of spiders....and I have a spider-catcher...........heheheheheheh :)

TUNE!!! has to be Green Day and Basket Case 

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