Friday, 15 August 2014


Just back from our hols in the above mentioned city.  Yep, we went on holiday to BIRMINGHAM. Why? Well, my husband ( dear Mr Unbound)  and daughter (dear Ciorstaidh) always go to a Heavy Metal festival called Bloodstock, which is just outside Birmingham and Calum, Mr Unbound, reckoned it was somewhere we'd all like (Ciorstaidh unfortunately had to go back to Edinburgh so "we" consisted of me, himself; youngest son, James, 13 and eldest son, Angus, 17 - who's about to leave us to study Applied Chemistry at university), and he was right, we loved it!

 Lovely place, lovely people, loads to do.  We were at a wildlife conservation park, a science museum, a regular museum and art gallery (yawn...sorry...that's really bad, but after the British Museum  - which I've been to twice - if I ever see a mummy or a Roman urn again it will be too soon. Dorothy!  You can't say that!! I know, I feel desperately mentally inadequate...but it's true - the Staffordshire Hoard was good though - hadn't seen that before); a sealife centre (okay, yes, I've seen fish before, too, but...they move and it was really well laid out.... and....and there were Hammerhead sharks, HAMMERHEAD SHARKS. Not regular ones with the goofy/scary faces but Hammerhead ones - what was/were God/the Gods/Whatever thinking!!); loads of great restaurants and shopping, too - if that's your bag .

 Oh, and we also went on this lovely barge trip.  You get on  a barge right in the middle of Birmingham - IN THE MIDDLE - and waft up a picturesque waterway into idyllic countryside, only half an hour from the hurly burly, then back - fabulous. Trouble was, we'd just had lunch (including a cheeky wee glass of wine) and the whole thing was so soporific that I could happily have nodded off.  This was also partly due to the commentary which was great if you like all things Industrial Revolution ie productive, progressive things. It was not for saddos like me who want tales of many severed heads being washed in wells; bloody battles and kings and crowns falling and rising; tales of sorrows and valour and despicable acts with a dash of daring-do on the side. That said - it was really, really nice.

  Only thing.....I couldn't but be disturbed  by was the sheer volume of pushchairs with other tiny people clinging  on to them that were EVERYWHERE..........there's far too people being produced out there, there really is, but I can't see what can be done about it, so I am not going to get into it because I certainly don't have any answers - and if Mother Nature does, and I kind of hope she does - they aint going to be nice. And if she doesn't...well....flip, poor world - good luck sustaining that lot.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Just an amusing tale....

When I was at home in Ullapool last weekend my Mother was telling me about how one of my niece's children - he's about 3 years old - (probably nearer 18 - I just can't keep up) had the pleasure of going to see a friend's guinea pig.  On his return my niece asked him what it was called, and he told her it was named Professor John Drayton.  "Professor John Drayton? Are you sure?" and he affirmed he was, that the cavie in question's noble title was indeed Professor John Drayton.  So, a couple of days later my lovely niece, Tessa, met the lady who owned the guinea pig and asked her about its unusual name. I can only imagine the guinea pig's owner's bemused expression as her guinea pig is not called Professor John Drayton - it's called Bubbles............................we have know idea where the wee fellow got Professor John Drayton from :)

PS. My lovely, clever eldest son Angus has been accepted by Strathclyde Uni to do a degree in Applied Chemistry.......I have no idea what that is but at least now he'll be making things explode in a controlled environment and not in my kitchen :)