Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Just an amusing tale....

When I was at home in Ullapool last weekend my Mother was telling me about how one of my niece's children - he's about 3 years old - (probably nearer 18 - I just can't keep up) had the pleasure of going to see a friend's guinea pig.  On his return my niece asked him what it was called, and he told her it was named Professor John Drayton.  "Professor John Drayton? Are you sure?" and he affirmed he was, that the cavie in question's noble title was indeed Professor John Drayton.  So, a couple of days later my lovely niece, Tessa, met the lady who owned the guinea pig and asked her about its unusual name. I can only imagine the guinea pig's owner's bemused expression as her guinea pig is not called Professor John Drayton - it's called Bubbles............................we have know idea where the wee fellow got Professor John Drayton from :)

PS. My lovely, clever eldest son Angus has been accepted by Strathclyde Uni to do a degree in Applied Chemistry.......I have no idea what that is but at least now he'll be making things explode in a controlled environment and not in my kitchen :)

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