Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Playing Catch Up

So how the hell are you? I'm fine.  Been busy and not so busy.  Adjusting to my shrunken household has been the main thing for me as eldest son, Angus, has flown the nest to go to Strathclyde Uni where I had hoped he might learn that it isn't necessary to use two towels every time you shower (thought that might come under physics some where) nor is it vital that one changes ones clothing after every activity (chemistry?). However, judging by the amount of washing and ironing that suddenly re-entered my life during the Christmas holidays, it would not seem that that is the case.  Hey ho - it was still good - more than good - to see him and of course, Ciorstaidh - the daughter of the house on her last EVER hoilday from uni as she'll be finished in a matter of weeks.

Writing wise - yes, I've been busy - totally unproductive but very busy, mostly beating myself up for not getting on with it, for being rubbish when I do and ripping up a lot of paper.  That said, through this blog I have met Sam who, having read Two All - All for One twice (!!??!! - I know - he's now officially my hero) is willing to be a sounding board for the ideas I've had which seemed to me might be  just a smidge bonkers. So far, he's on side with it all.  And today, for the first time in ages, I actually wrote - not just a couple of lines before chucking it in and going to read someone else's book but actually about 1,500 words, and not all of them are rubbish - a couple actually made me laugh.  Fingers crossed this is me getting started properly (again).

In other news - and to give you a visual chuckle at my expense, on New Years Day this year I did the "Dip for Dementia" at Gress Beach here on the lovely Isle of Lewis.  We ended up, all thirteen of us,
splashing around under the watchful eyes of about the same number of very surprised seals who clearly couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Lordy, have you ever seen such a red beak in your life!! See you soon.

Big D.