Saturday, 21 February 2015


A song I love that came back into my life this week.It was one of the few non-folk RECORDS I owned as a girl . Unutterably catchy, unremittingly down. And the last line - chilling - given the current situation with with Isis and the rise of anti-Semitiism.
Music video by Del Amitri performing Nothing Ever Happens. (C) 1989 A&M Records Ltd.

Friday, 13 February 2015


Did I tell you how lucky I was yesterday? I was so lucky! Yesterday was my lucky day. I was walking out of the Buth Tholastaidh, cause twere 1pm and Wilma Maciver was taking over (in her voluntary capacity as a good guy) and I saw that the overhead power lines were covered in Starlings, so I was gawping at them as it was nowhere near roosting time so their behavior was odd and also because............well just because! I don't know it was interesting! So sue me!......anyway.... AND lost control of it's bawls/controlled it's bawls me on the coat...THE COAT PEOPLE!!! I was an inth of a second from a face-plant, even a mouth-plant of Starling poop. Phew! I mean, I know getting pooped on by a bird is supposed to be good luck but what luckless pigeon fancier came up with that mince smile emoticon OH YEAH!!!! And then, I nearly got hit by a bus!!! NEARLY (headphones were on and it sneaked up behind me - last thing I would have heard was "Billy Talent" - ooo so hoped it would be Rise Against). I AM ONE LUCKY BUGGER smile emoticon Happy Valentines tomorrow Calum Maciver Cal :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Our New Ferry and Revisiting Ones Breakfast.

Yep, so we're getting a new Ferry here to transport us across the Minch  to Ullapool (Home of the Gods - yes, I'm from Ullapool).  The old boat the Isle of Lewis is being replaced by The Loch Seaforth and very nice it is too, so I'm told.  One thing bothers me. I have it on good authority (a man who got a sneaky look around) that lovely as the Observation Deck is, many of the chairs are swivel, presumably so one can take in 360 degrees of view without shifting off ones backside and thus loosing your hard won spot)... but, and this is the thing, is it just me who immediately envisaged 360 degrees of projectile vomiting from 4 year olds who have spun themselves around and around and around and around as the ferry rises as falls on this often less than flat calm stretch of water, followed by a reverse 360 degrees of dry heaving before the above imagined child eventually collapses in a pale green heap on to the industrial carpet?

The Loch Seaforth                                                               Really Ullapool

Image result for ullapoolImage result for the mv loch seaforth