Friday, 13 February 2015


Did I tell you how lucky I was yesterday? I was so lucky! Yesterday was my lucky day. I was walking out of the Buth Tholastaidh, cause twere 1pm and Wilma Maciver was taking over (in her voluntary capacity as a good guy) and I saw that the overhead power lines were covered in Starlings, so I was gawping at them as it was nowhere near roosting time so their behavior was odd and also because............well just because! I don't know it was interesting! So sue me!......anyway.... AND lost control of it's bawls/controlled it's bawls me on the coat...THE COAT PEOPLE!!! I was an inth of a second from a face-plant, even a mouth-plant of Starling poop. Phew! I mean, I know getting pooped on by a bird is supposed to be good luck but what luckless pigeon fancier came up with that mince smile emoticon OH YEAH!!!! And then, I nearly got hit by a bus!!! NEARLY (headphones were on and it sneaked up behind me - last thing I would have heard was "Billy Talent" - ooo so hoped it would be Rise Against). I AM ONE LUCKY BUGGER smile emoticon Happy Valentines tomorrow Calum Maciver Cal :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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