Monday, 23 March 2015

Cats and Mice and Destiny

Our barn is infested by mice - I love mice I am 

shutting the cats in the barn tonight for them to finally fulfill

 their destinies as felines. Fully expecting to open the barn

 door tomorrow to find Sydney and Kirby trust up in mousey

 knots and, in Syd's case, wearing gimp mask.........:)

Friday, 6 March 2015

You're just not going to believe this! The Hurricane and The Essence of Evil.

Well, you probably will.  The new ferry has broken down. Turns out blue-tac doesn't hold up well in salt water.....something like that.

Anyway, did I mention we had a hurricane here a couple of months back.  Yep, we did. People lost slates and sheds and the slates off sheds and there were sheds on people's slates and don't even get me started on the unsecured trampolines changing ownership!

Ourselves we lost our two cat houses which live - lived - by the back door. Kirby's I found half way down the field in bits.  I suspect she engineered this state of affairs herself: she's never liked that house.  Sydney's was even further down the field but was in three bits I was able to piece back together, which is good as he likes his house.  My worry was he was probably in it when it took off , thankfully he didn't end up in Kansas. I've moved his furry domain to a more sheltered spot where he can still see the back door opening in the morning.  Trouble is because he's black, all we can see of him through its wee door in the morning (no catflap - he couldn't figure it out) are two yellow eyes within an impenetrable dense black mass  - so his new morning name is "The Essence of Evil".  "Puss, puss, puss, puss. The Essence of Evil (sing song  :)voice). Breakfast time.  It's tuna flavoured :)"

It was the windy-ness of this very eve which put me in mind of those stormy events.  Lashing wind and howling rain - something like that.

Tune: Rise Against Sudden Life