Monday, 24 August 2015

I've Forgotten How to Do This!

I kind of ran out of steam with my blog - much as I ran out of steam with my sequel. I posted those first two chapters for a few beta readers to have a look at  - it seemed the easiest way at the time to do it. There is a lot more story filed away but it isn't organised properly and the biggest pain in the bum for me is I can't think of an end that blows me away enough to be happy with it, and without a good end...well, I feel it's all a bit pointless.

Many hours of tossing and turning  and gurning and bitching have been spent trying to come up with something that just makes it all worth the effort of writing it all down and going through all the carry- on before it can be published. I do hate a book that has engaged me all the way through and then goes limp in the dying moments, so I wouldn't want to inflict one on readers who have been kind enough to give what I'd written a try.

They say everyone had one book in them - maybe that's true and Two All was mine.

Big D x

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