Saturday, 29 August 2015

Random Crap About Slugs................

"I didn't know this but Teresa - the village Polytunnel person - told me these things about slugs. The big ugly black ones eat dead foliage and basically clean up - they will occasionally nip a piece of green but it's not their bag. The wee brown ones are PLANT EATING BASTARDS FROM HELL (no- that's a direct translation from their Latin name "Planticus Eatingis Bastardos bhuam Hellius". I haven't even made that up! Okay, maybe I did a bit). BUT the big stripey brown ones (think they are called Tiger slugs) actually EAT the wee brown buggers. So, in short....slugs: they may all be slimey but they aren't all bad."

This was a facebook post I did  earlier.......... but then I thought:

                                    THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THIS! 

 I for one had been discriminating  against all slugs - as a job lot - always. I'd see a slug and it "joined the Navy" ( that's a former neighbour's euphemism meaning he'd chucked it into the burn. Thankfully none of his children ever actually joined the  real Navy or I may have been forced to call the Police just in case).

I have been enlightened to the various varieties there are of our invertebrate cousins...... 

-  WOW THERE - "cousins" ?
- Okay...not cousins... very distant............ somethings.....friends? Possibly acquaintances?..........Okay, okay, lifeforms I am familiar with that share my breathing space.

 I no longer view all gastropods in the same light  - as an entity to be unilaterally vilified.

oh joy.............

Tune: Rise Against: "I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore".

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