Monday, 7 September 2015

Cats, mice and Destiny - the sequel.

Yep, my assessment of the likely outcome of putting Kirby and Syd (the cats not the kids) in the barn to scare away mice was pretty accurate really, as far as Syd went anyway.

Kirby appeared untroubled, if a little put out by her incarceration when I went up to the barn the following morning, and merely marched out looking a-grieved. Syd however, well of Syd there was no sign.....and then I heard him.  He was meowing plaintively, the cry of a lost soul. Looking around, calling to him, I eventually saw him right up in the rafters squished among assorted junk - all saucer eyes and shrouded in cobwebs and dead spiders, staring down at me with a mixture of terror and accusation in his beady little eyes. The upshot was I had to rescue him.  I had to get a ladder and lift him down - dead spiders and all!

The above was a few months ago.  This Saturday when I went to the barn for my gardening sheers I found the rubbery plastic handles had been gnawed to pieces - our tiny rodent visitors had clearly returned.  And so it was that last night I carried Kirby up to the barn again and shut her in for the night to do her worst.  Syd though...... I left him to do this.  It's what he does best.

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