Wednesday, 16 December 2015

New Phone and Singing

I have a new phone.  I love my new phone. Just one problem in that right now there is no signal - hey ho - all part of living where I do.  That having been said, I was in the middle of Edinburgh in the summer and signal was intermittent at best.

There is another slight issue - I can't figure out how to send photos attached to texts - how am I supposed to textually bore the family with pictures of the cat?! How to do it seems really obvious but when I try it doesn't work, and before you say it, that was before we had no signal. I tried going on the EE help page - I'd have been as well rubbing a stick on my back and studying the bark for answers.  I can, however, put pictures on the computer.  This is our sink:

Here's a nice thing.  This link will take you to Coisir Sgire a'Bhac (Back Gaelic Choir) winning the Ladies competition at the National Mod in Oban this year. In case you don't know, I'm the short arse with the black hair standing in the middle :)  The song is Cadal Cuain. It's very sad one about a drowned lover.

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